Q-1)  Is Naya Nazimabad a good investment option? 

Answer –  Though never intended to be an investment vehicle for speculative money, the project has proven to be the best real estate investment in Karachi. Since its launch in Nov 2011, the values of plots and bungalows have appreciated by an average of 33%. There is no comparable project in the city in terms of location, features, amenities and pricing. We believe those who purchased a residential unit in NN have made the wisest financial decision. However, we understand that the benefit has accrued only to the buyers and not to agents/advisors.

Q-2)  Is environment of Block A not pleasant for living since the area receive smoke and smell emitting from Peoples Steel Mills?

Answer – The minimum distance between PSM and any residential unit in NN is at least 500 meters (half a kilometer) away. The data for environmental measures is gathered and analyzed quarterly in a year and submitted to SEPA. All analysis and reports suggest significant improvement in the environment over time. Contrary to the observation, it is interesting to note that prices of plots in Block A are highest amongst the four blocks, which are indicative of strong buyer preference for the block.

Q-3)  When Naya Nazimabad residents would get Gas connection?

Answer – The Federal Government had placed an embargo on new gas connections to housing societies. NN management not only played its due role in convincing the government to remove that embargo but was also the first one to apply for the new connection and continuously following up for approval. It is hoped that the residents would have their gas connections soon.

Q-4)  Why Naya Nazimabad management is charging Rs 18 per unit for electricity which is very expensive as compared to the Rs 8 per unit charges by KE?

Answer – Tariff of PKR 8 per unit is only applicable for up to 50 units consumption. For higher usage the tariff goes as high as PKR 20 per unit. It can be exhaustively verified that no housing unit in NN consumes 50 units of electricity. NN is currently charging a uniform rate of PKR 17.75 per unit to its residents, which is much lower than the rate charged by any new housing scheme in Karachi. NN residents would start getting their bills from KE directly once the agreement signed between NN and KE is completely implemented, which is expected by the year end.

Q-5)  There’s no market or medical facilities inside NN, When these facilities be available?

Answer – NN is situated in the vicinity of one of the busiest city centers. Despite this, it has provisioned for all the necessities for its residents within its own boundaries. Bilal Departmental Store and a dairy shop are already functional and other health related facilities will be operational much ahead of time as compared to any other similar developments. Architectural design for a poly clinic and a school adjacent to the famous Lal-gate is approved and rehabilitation work has already initiated and it is expected to be completed in 8 months time.

Q-6)  There’s no PTCL & TV Cable, when these facilities will be available for NN residents?

Answer – All residents have access to optic fiber bases internet and cable TV. PTCL, however, has been on the secondary priority list as these days mobile telephony is in vogue. Nevertheless, arrangements with PTCL are being finalized and related facilities to residents will be available soon.

Q-7)  Is there water shortage in Naya Nazimabad? Why underground tanks are not allowed?

Answer – Water is available to all NN residents. There has not been a single complaint in this regard. Physical infrastructure for water is in place for all the four blocks of phase 1. Whereas the management is working to ensure continued availability of water to all its residents. NN scheme is developed on modern lines with adequate storage facilities at appropriate locations. While the observation on water quality is too baseless and frivolous to comment upon, it may be noted that water storage facilities are designed at block level. Hence there is no need for an underground water tank at individual housing unit. This will lead to lower maintenance cost to residents.

Q-8)  Isn’t demanding additional development charges unjustified?

Answer – NN Management is only asking for Development Charges that have been incurred on the project and these are being charged as per the agreement with the allottees. There is nothing “unjustified” in this act. In fact the company has generously shared the cost of infrastructure development, which was a pass-through item as per the agreement. The quality of infrastructure speaks for itself and is a major reason for the increased value of property at NN. There are lot of extra development work that NN is doing out of its scope and master plan, for instance maintenance and up keeping of access route, street poles and road cleanliness task from Sakhi Hasan to NN.

Q-9)  The biggest problem of all — One Way in One Way Out: What are the other access options NN working on?

Answer – NN is connected with other parts of Karachi through five points: 1) Through Nusrat Bhutto Colony via Sakhi Hassan; 2) Through Site via Manghopir Road; 3) Through Nagan Flyover via 2000 Road; 4) Through Ajmer Nagri via 4000 Road and 5) Through Northern Bypass. Some of these passages may be narrow or encroached at certain points but fluent enough to several passages in the city. NN Management is engaged with all stakeholders and has achieved significant progress in further improving these passages. Refurbishment of Manghopir road is also a part of the federal government’s Karachi package. Presently, 4000 road in under-construction and a Flyover from Qalenderia Chowk to Anwer Shamim Road is also in concept design phase. Over the next 12 months we expect to see significant improvement in the NN approach/access profile.