Who We Are

Naya Nazimabad is a project of Javedan Corporation Limited, that has broadened the horizons of Karachi. Our confidence in the potential of the city and its inhabitants got us started on this remarkable journey. This has given a whole new outlook to the city of Karachi rather than a specific area. Naya Nazimabad has created an inspirational abode with affordable luxury that instills hope and certainty, which goes way beyond its gated boundary.

Naya Nazimabad is rising as an utter reality of Karachi. All the amenities and facilities are carefully assigned and planned here in order to maximize your life style. Basic necessities of life such as water, gas and electricity are already available in the vicinity.


Javedan Corporation Limited (JCL) was incorporated on June 08, 1961, as a public limited company, under the repealed Companies Act, 1913 (now Companies Ordinance, 1984). The company is listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange and its current registered office is located at 1st Floor, Arif Habib Center 23, M.T Khan Road, Karachi.

Arif Habib Group is the largest shareholder and the business manager.

Our Vision

Naya Nazimabad is not merely a housing project but a value-for-money lifestyle concept that is tastefully designed to create the right space that aspires serenity, pleasing environ, alluring simplicity and unmatched harmony that makes it your Mark of Pride.

Our Mission

To provide and develop quality affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families while promoting self-sufficiency and neighborhood revitalization.